Carpe Diem and Ring that bell.

doorbellI’ll be honest. I’m not the most in tune with time. I easily lose track of the day amidst my 9-to-5 job, have trouble sticking to my weekly gym schedule and chores, and feel like my 10-minute meditation is an hour (but, I digress). The truth is as much as you want to stick to a schedule, there’s no way it’ll ever be perfect. However, you can do your best to stick to it and still turn out productive as hell. Hence, why I love that latin aphorism “seize the day”. There’s nothing like the present and if you get inspired by a little moment, grab it by the horns and show it who’s boss. If you push it off to later, chances are it won’t get done and you’ll forget. If you really can’t do it right now, set a reminder on your phone, so you can at least seize the moment the next moment you can.

Time saver tip: act now.


Now is the only time there is

Now is the only time there is

I’ve been wanting to write a blog, but had no idea what would be its center. Science-fiction and some fantasy and horror worlds have always fascinated me, but it was too broad. I needed something to point me in the right direction to use my talents towards. On my third day of a sugar detox, the splitting headache somehow put aside all of the bullshit and allowed me to see through the fog what has been screaming at me for some attention.


It is literally the biggest mystery in the universe. The greatest minds of humanity avoid or downright admit they have no understanding of time. We may have movies and shows that make us think we understand what’s going on, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

This blog will cover different topics every week on what we understand so far, what we do with the little knowledge we have acquired, and what more we can question about this rabbit hole.

Topics I plan to cover…

  • Love
  • Black holes
  • Parallel universes
  • Time travel
  • Age-altering techniques

Analysis of a few movies/shows I want to tap into…

  • Stranger Things
  • Dark (new show on Netflix)
  • Donnie Darko
  • Interstellar

…and many, many more.

I’ll be putting my movie/show buff skills to go use along with my love for philosphy and science.

And I’m always willing to cover something that interests you too! Send me an email to

My goal is to have a better grasp of life and what we’re supposed to do with it. To reach philosophical measure of our purpose with ourselves and with those around us. For the betterment of our existence transcending time and space.

Well, time to begin.